Our Mission

Patient Enrollment Advisors helps clients shorten the length of the clinical trial process, lower the cost of participant acquisition and maximize patient and site retention. Using sophisticated data-driven recruitment options and technology based retention platforms, we deliver a qualified respondent base while offering behavioral insights that keep patients engaged through to the completion of each study.  Our extensive knowledge and broad network allow customization of our advisory process for every client and each study.  

HIPAA Compliance

Patient information and security are our highest priority - we never compromise health information. We work closely with clients' technology and compliance divisions to seamlessly integrate with their systems for ease of service and HIPAA compliance.  

Our Pillars of Support


  • Data Mining Electronic Health Records
  • RN Staffed Call Center
  • Social Media Awareness
  • Targeted Media and Strategy
  • MAG - Medical Advisory Group


  • Behavioral Anticipation Survey
  • Mobile Support Application
  • Integrated Two Way Patient Communication
  • Integrated Two Way Site Communication
  • Outgoing RN Staffed Call Center